Bhopal / Janmashtami on 23 and 24, also two days' total in Panchang

Bhopal. There are differences about when Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated. People are confused. On which day will it be appropriate to observe Janmashtami fast? On 23 August or 24 August. In fact, some pundits are of the opinion that Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra and on 23 August both of these yoga will remain alive at the time of birth at 12 pm, while some pundits believe that the Ashtami date is sunrise on 24 August It will remain from time and it will remain with Ashtami Navami, so it will not be appropriate to celebrate the festival on this day. There are also differences in the dates of the festival in the almanac. Followers of both the Smarta and Pushtimargiya sect will celebrate Janmashtami on different days. 

Due to the distinction in the Panchang, in some temples 23 will be celebrated and in some on the night of 24 August, the Krishna Janmotsav will be celebrated. Preparations are being made to organize Dahi Handi on Janmashtami. Janmashtami is being celebrated on August 23 in some temples of the city and on August 24 in some temples. 

Ashtami date till eight o'clock on 24th:   Pandit Prahlada Kumar Pandya told that on August 23, Ashtami date will remain. The half-date will be extended till 8.09 am on 23 August, which will remain till 8.30 am on 24 August. This day should be Ashtami Tithi which is 23rd. According to astrology, Krishna devotees should fast and fast on 23 August with the celebration of the birth of Krishna. 

  •  On Saturday, 24 August, the birth of Shri Krishna is considered as scripture.
  • On Friday, August 23, the date of Udayan Kalpati will be at 8 am to 10 minutes in the morning. It cannot be accepted as Janmashtami by being eighteenth with Sapthami. 
  • Friday 23 August is also not a coincidence of the Rohini constellation. Rohani Nakshatra will start from midnight after 3 pm at 48 minutes. 
  • On Saturday, August 24, the day of Ashtami on Uday is up to 8.33 am and Rohani Nakshatra is up to 4.17 pm in the midnight of midnight. 
  • Thus, it is appropriate to organize Janmashtami fast and birth anniversary on Saturday, August 24, on the coincidence of Ashtami and Rohani Nakshatra. 
  • Sri Krishna birth festival will also be on Saturday, August 24 in Dwarkadhishji, Govardhan Nathji and Shrinathji temples. 

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