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According to government figures, the Indian Army has a big name in recruiting the most, where about 60,000 youth are recruited every year. According to recent data, there are a total of 5,85,476 job posts in the defense sector, out of which 3,98,422 posts are authorized and 1,87,054 posts still have job vacancy. In such a situation, a career in defense is a big opportunity for the youth who want to lead an adventurous life.

Generally, the trend of youth was seen towards doctors and engineering, but due to the development in defense, the trend of youth has increased towards career in defense. A job in defense is not only a prestigious and respected job, but it also gives the youth the privilege to serve their country. This is the reason that with the changing times, the choice of youth about their careers is also changing.

For the past few years, the defense sector is emerging as a better job option. Along with this, the trend of youth towards making a career in this field is also increasing. The main reasons for this are-

    • Better job growth options

    • Benefits of many government facilities with better salary package

    • Better and orderly lifestyle

    • a chance to do something for the country

    • Prestigious job

So if you also want to claim this kind of job, then know what kind of course and exam can give you a better job in defense.

According to the year 2019

    • NDA: The exam is conducted twice a year by UPSC. After clearing it, there is a chance to go to the Indian Army i.e. the Army, Air Force and Navy. For the Indian Army, the student must have passed 12th and for Air Force and Navy, the student must have 12th in Physics or Mathematics. 

 • CDS: All graduate students can apply for this, this exam is conducted twice a year by UPSC. It selects for the post of lieutenant. CDS gives candidates admission to Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA) and Air Force Academy (AFA).

    • Airmen are selected from Air force X and Y group exam, for applying in X group, the candidate must have Mathematics, Physics subject in 12th, while students of other subjects can also apply for Y group. .

    • Candidates applying for Navy AA post must have minimum 60% marks in 12th standard. He should have Math, Physics in 12th and one subject in Chemistry / Biology / Computer Science. At the same time, for the Navy SSR, a candidate must have Math, Physics as well as a subject of Chemistry / Biology / Computer Science in 12th standard. 

    • AFCAT: These exams are conducted for 3 different posts - 1. Flying Department 2. Technical Department 3. Ground Duty Department. BE or B. TECH should be a four year course with minimum 60% marks for the post of Flying Department. At the same time, the technical department is required to have a four-year undergraduate or postgraduate degree in engineering and technology. If the candidate wants to apply for the ground duty department, then it is necessary to have a 3-year course from any recognized university, while passing the graduation with a minimum of 60% marks. 

If you also want to work in this defense sector, then let us know some important information related to it-

Qualification and its selection process for getting a job in defense field 

For this job, a candidate must have 12th pass, along with graduate students are also eligible to appear in the defense field examinations. Along with studies, it is very important for the candidate to be fit physically and psychologically. Because to pass these exams, one has to undergo several psychological, physical and medical tests, along with written exams.

Selection Process 

12th pass and graduate students (students studying in the last year of graduation) can participate in the written examination of NDA and CDS conducted by UPSC respectively. In which the selected candidates have to attend a five-day interview by the Services Selection Board (SSB). In which it is also mandatory for the candidate to pass the physical and medical test. After all these examinations, the candidate who has passed is selected in one of the areas of Army, Navy and Air Force.These selection process is done according to the field of defense selected by the candidate.  

On the other hand, Air Force X and Y group exams are conducted by the IAF in three phases in which a candidate is selected for the post of Airman. Where online tests in Phase-1, Phase-2 compatibility tests and Phase-3 medical and physical fitness tests are conducted, then students who pass are selected for the post of Airman.  

The Indian Navy examination is conducted by the Indian Navy, in its selection process, the candidates have to go through three stages. In this process, a computer-based examination is the first. After passing it, physical fitness test is done and finally there is a process of medical examination. 

Let us now know how to prepare for getting a job in the defense field, which will help you in getting a job.

How to prepare -

Complete information about the course- Various examinations are organized for the job in the defense field, in which it is very important for the candidates to have knowledge of different subjects. Therefore, it is very important to read all the instructions and syllabus and other standards properly before applying. It helps to know all the topics of all the topics that come in the exam, which makes the candidate easy to prepare for the exam according to the syllabus.  

It is important to always be updated -  Regardless of the exam, it is very important to have knowledge of journal knowledge. Such a topic cannot be prepared overnight. So if you have made up your mind to give a defense exam, then for better preparation, make newspapers, news on TV, debates shows a part of your daily routine. In this way you will be familiar with important events happening around and in the world.

Time Management- Correct management of time plays a huge role in crossing every stage of life. Particularly, time management has a big role to play in this type of competition exam. With the help of time management, candidates are able to give more and accurate answers in less time. While studying with the help of time management, time management is easily done for all the topics.

It is important to have self- confidence - Self- confidence is such a thing that plays an important role in improving one's personality. Therefore, it should always be relied on by your hard work whether it is exam time or exam preparation. Self-confidence enhances your hard work and also plays a big role in achieving success. Do not panic before taking the exam, because being frustrated does not provide positive energy. 

Knowledge is not only sufficient for service in the defense sector, for this, the candidate must be physically and mentally strong, while it is also necessary to be disciplined and organized. 

Keeping all these things in mind helps the student to get success in the most difficult defense examinations. But is the preparation done at home only enough for such exams? The answer is no. Because only book knowledge of subjects is not enough for defense exams, it is very important to take training from a better educational institution. Let us know which type of training institute is necessary for better training.

Importance of preparing educational institutions:

As much knowledge and hard work is necessary for any job or better career, it is also necessary that a good educational institute is also necessary, which also provides good training with proper training. In such a situation, if we talk about a better educational institute for defense, then the name of the Turning Point Defense Academy of Jaipur comes first. Which has been successfully preparing students for defense for the last 10 years. Here for the last 10 years, every year, about 500 to 1000 students have been selected for NDA, CDS, Airforce, Navy and Army every year, which is why it has become the leading defense academy of Rajasthan.

How is training of Turning Point Defense Academy better?The foundation of training from the beginning level- The provides students with initial level training, keeping in mind the important competition examinations like . So that when the student is eligible to take the exam, then the student will already be able to appear physically and physically for the examination. Therefore, along with 11th, 12th and B.Sc, the facility of foundation courses is also provided so that students can prepare themselves for increasing competition along with studies.

Updated Training Pattern -  Turning Point Defense Academy is a leading defense academy of Rajasthan, which always trains its students according to the time and competition. All students and students studying here are prepared for competition according to new techniques. Here to provide better training to the students, experienced trainers, retired defense officers prepare for physical training, written examination and interviews. Along with this, the facility of online test is available for students all the time.

Physical and psychological training- Along with studying in this institute, attention is also given to physical and psychological training of students. Physical and psychological training is imparted by experienced trainers, so that the candidates remain physically and mentally fit during the test. Along with this, Yoga and Pranayam classes are also organized in this academy to maintain physical discipline among the students.  

Crash Course Facility -  Here students are provided with better facilities like crash course one month before the exam, so that all the students can revise all their subjects properly before the exam. With the help of these crash courses, students get the right guidance to pass the exam, with the help of which the students are fully prepared for the exam.

Better preparation for SSB interview - Most of the defense exams have SSB interview, which is an important part of the selection process. Realizing this need, a work-shop for SSB interview is organized by the team of retired defense officers from time to time in this academy. Through which attention is paid to every activity of the students so that different quality can be developed with personality in them, as well as their over all personality development.

Special English Spoken Classes - In view of the growing influence of English in the defense field interviews and personality tests, spoken English classes are held here. Such classes also become more necessary because the students of rural areas have the highest tendency to get jobs in defense field. In such a situation, the facility of special spoken English classes is provided to all the students with every course, so that no student is hesitant and hesitant to speak English.  

Excellent batch  facilities - Two types of batches are available at all times for all types of courses at the Turning Point Defense Academy. Which includes target batch and LTM batch. 

    1. Target batch: In this batch, the students are conducted well till the complete syllabus exam. With this, students are prepared for SSB interview or Phase 2.

    2. LTM Batch: In this batch, student can read and prepare till selection. With this, students are also prepared for SSB interview or Phase 2.

Over all development: Keeping in mind the over all development of students, a free counseling and guidance system has been developed here with better training system, which includes:

Aptitude test

Psychological test

Consultation by experts

· personality test

Physical training and yoga practice

Lifetime member-ship card

Special English spoken classes for students with Hindi medium 

Scholarship for meritorious, dependents of martyrs and poor students.

The purpose of these various tests / counseling is to raise the mental level of the students so as to maintain the morale of the students towards their careers in the defense forces. Along with this, there is also a library facility for students so that students can easily study books related to the course. Due to this facility, the preparation of students is better and no student has to face any problem due to lack of books. Due to all these systems, the academy is known for disciplined students, specialist faculty and excellent physical trainers.


Honoring the sacrifices of the martyrs, Turning Point Academy, up to 40% scholarship is awarded to the dependents of martyred soldiers in the Indian Army.

Scholarships of up to 20 percent are awarded to students scoring more than 90 percent marks in 12th standard.

At the same time, up to 20 percent scholarship is also given to students coming from below poverty line (BPL) and economically incapable.

So if you too are looking for a career in the field of defense or aspire for a better and prestigious job, then the can be helpful in realizing your dreams. Due to the discipline and dedication of educated students, this academy has fulfilled the dreams of many youths, and has also provided many inspiring examples for future candidates.

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