Fault / Landing of Indigo Aircraft Cockpit Glass Crack

  • Aircraft grounded at Ranchi Airport, passengers created ruckus
  • 3 hours later the Indigo management called for an aircraft from Lucknow at 7 pm and sent passengers to Bangalore.

Ranchi  The aircraft was grounded due to a crack in the glass of the cockpit of the Indigo aircraft coming from Patna to Ranchi. The plane was landing at Ranchi Airport at 3:55 pm on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the pilot saw a crack in the glass in front of the cockpit.

The technical team and the pilot decided not to fly the aircraft anymore. By this plane 137 passengers from Ranchi were to go to Bangalore. Some passengers also created an uproar at the airport after the plane was reported to be grounded. After waiting at the airport for 3 hours, the Indigo management called for an aircraft from Lucknow at 7 pm and sent passengers to Bangalore.

Had assured to ship the second plane

As soon as the landing of the aircraft took place at the airport, the pilot told the engineer that there was a leak in the cockpit glass. Therefore, it will not be safe to fly the aircraft. The airlines management then informed the passengers that the aircraft had been grounded. Giving positive response, the airlines said that a second aircraft is being called for. Bangalore will be dispatched as soon as the aircraft reaches Ranchi. After waiting for 3 hours, the aircraft arrived at 7 pm and the passengers were sent to Bangalore. Snacks were also arranged for the passengers.

The crack also comes from the shutdown of the heater to keep the temperature balanced 
, Mark Martin, an expert in the aviation sector, said that the glass head is in 8 layers. Many times, due to the slight fault of the pilot, the glass also cracks, because the air flies - at 37 to 38 degrees temperature. There is a small heater under the cockpit glass, which hits. When the flight comes down to its normal temperature, many times the pilot forgets to turn off the heater, which causes the glass to crack as the temperature is flushed. But there is nothing to worry about this.

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