Football / 16-year-old Kamawinga not scoring a single goal in 10 matches; Still he is being called the next Ronaldo

Raines Club beat strong club PSG 2-1 thanks to Eduardo Kamavinga's game Kamavinga came in the eyes playing football in the streets, it is difficult to get the ball from his feet  Kamavinga, born in Mikonga, the interior of Angola, has been tried by the United City Club. 

Paris. Eduardo Kamavinga is 16 years old. He plays for Club-Rennes, with just 10 matches of experience. He did not score a single goal in these matches. Yet some football expert is telling them the next Ronaldo, then the next Messi and Mbappe. This is the charisma of Kamavinga's game. Kamavinga's name has been in the news since Rennes and PSG's match. Thanks to the game of Kamawinga, Raines defeated the much stronger club PSG 2-1.

Kamavinga assisted in both goals, that too in an excellent manner. When Kamavinga, who played on the position of defensive midfielder, was on the field, the commentators were saying that it is proving extremely difficult to get the ball away from the foot of this young player.

Made a professional debut on behalf of Rennes only in April-2019

  1. Kamavinga has been taking training on behalf of the Raines Club for 6 years. He also got his first professional contract from Rennes in 2018. At that time, the 16-year-old Kamawinga Raines became the youngest player to receive a contract from the club. In April-2019, he made a professional debut on behalf of Raines.
  2. René's manager Julian Stefan tells Kamavinga, "He is slim, but he has amazing strength and stamina. Right now we have decided to feed him as a defender, but looking at his game, soon we will have to bring him to the frontline. 
  3. Kamavinga was born in Mikongé, the interior area of ​​Angola. When he was two years old, the family moved to France. Here they were living in a village named Fogers. At the age of 8-9, he was seen by a player from Rennes playing football in the streets. At the age of 10, he was linked with Raines Club and since then he has been playing for this club.

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