Gaur used to take bath in a pond with a memory balance / Atalji, considered him elder brother

Bhopal. Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Babullal Gaur is no longer among us. He had a good friendship with former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee outside of politics as well. Gaur used to call him as brother. Atalji also had great affection for him. Gaur could not stop his tears after hearing the news of Atalji's death last year. Then he said that I lost my elder brother.

  • In 1973-74 Atalji's nationwide tour started. Atalji used to stay at Gaur's house in Barkheri when he came to Bhopal. Apart from the talk of working hours between the two, there used to be laughter and jokes. Gaur used to say that Atalji was such a man that no matter how much he joked with him, he did not mind.
  • Whenever Atalji used to come to Bhopal, Gaur used to go back to the big pond to bathe on his bicycle. Gaur had told in an interview that Atalji used to tour alone by bus and train at that time. There were two-three pairs of kurta and dhoti in his bag. One pair of clothes he wore for three to four days. I used to take them with my bicycle to the ghat of the big pond to bathe and wash their clothes.
  • Gaur said that he used to cycle halfway and Atalji used to ride bicycle halfway. Before leaving the house, we used to tie jaggery and gram in cloth. After bathing on the pond, both people used to eat jaggery and gram and then came back home.

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