Karan Johar said on the allegations of cleanliness / nepotism - why do not get credit for the launch of 17 external directors

Bollywood desk.  Karan Johar spoke openly on the allegations of promoting nepotism. The producer-director explained in an interview saying, "We have given a stage to 21 debut directors. Of these, 16-17 are not nepotistic. They are not even from the film fraternity or the industry. They are completely outsiders. I benefit from it Why not get it? " In fact, in 2017, when Kangana Ranot arrived in 'Koffee with Karan', she accused Karan of promoting nepotism in Bollywood. Since then, this issue has been continuously in the industry. 

Why I don't get credit: Karan

  1. Karan further adds, "My production house (Dharma) is launching kids who are directors or filmmakers. They are making major motion pictures and leading the game. They are not from the industry. Why should I credit it?" Don't get it? Why are some actors who are from the industry maligned? Why should I be the first to clarify? I think he is talented to face the camera . Or can be summed up that got them easily accessible. But then he was also ahead of the trip. "
  2. At the launch of Varun DhawanKaran launched Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt from 'Student of the Year' (2012). It is alleged that he gave a chance to both due to being a star kid. Explaining this, he says, "Varun was my assistant (in 'My Name Is Khan')". He worked hard for that film.
  3. Alia Bhatt on launchSaid Karan, "I have been watching Alia Bhatt ever since she was a child. She was not completely in my zone at that time. She auditioned for the film along with 500 other girls, 380 of whom were not from the industry. And Alia was also one of them. She was not given priority. I could cast anyone. "
  4. Varun moves ahead on talentFor Alia and Varun, they will say that they have progressed on their own talent. It is not that I am running a school to refine them. I think something special must have happened, that's when I took these actors into the film. I don't think there is always a need to clarify this. They have their own journey. If they do not have talent, then the audience does not accept them. Even as a producer, I do not take him into the film again and again. I am not stupid Running the company. "

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