Delhi miscreants say 'fake husband' beaten up in metro

Bollywood item Girl Rocky and their affiliates are often in conflict. For a long time Rakhi Santant has been swinging her marriage and her husband in the meantime, while her fake husband Deepak Kalal has had to slap her in the Delhi Metro. There are several types of drama video sharing. They deliberately made various moves to stay in the eyes of the media, but this rain made a big move.

The matter is to travel to Delhi Metro. Deepak Kalal was traveling with people in the metro. Meanwhile, a girl recognized her and took selfie. Deepak Kalal began to oppose it. In the video of the accident, Deepak Kalal is extremely upset over taking selfies. Initially, it also took a publicity stunt, but they did not realize that people would be abusive and raped by grabbing them all around.

The girl opened the lamp in the meter

The wind was as deep as a girl taking selfies by a girl that she was opposed to the youth of the area. After that, the youth grabbed Deepak Kalal and slapped the girl. Sharing the video, Deepak Kalal wrote, "Delhi Girls (Girls in Delhi) You guys are not allowed to take selfies." I will take legal action against him. ' At the same time he said, "Mohit Arora has shown you neither the times nor the leaving you. Fashion show in Tadwali, now any fashion show. Not only that, the girl and the girl will go to jail. I want to support those who want me, as well as teach people a lesson. That's not 360 Advertising Production, it's to shut down the company.

Save air breeze with great difficulty

Seeing the matter escalate in the moving metro, others came to the rescue. He also removed the girl from Deepak Kalal, who had slapped Deepak. Although Deepak Kalla himself became silent after being slapped, he later saw the people coming to him in support.

It is worth mentioning that Deepak Kalal is a social media star. She is also a YouTube celebrity. They had announced to marry Rakhi Sant. Later when Rakhi Sawant was married to someone else, they talked about buying Rakhi. However, Rakhi Savant had made it clear that he was married to a man named Ritesh. What he did with Deepak was all just a show and a joke. Even Deepak is not his ex. He told Deepak Kalal his brother, but Deepak Kalal still calls Rakhi Sawant unfaithful.

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